blast from the past

Liezl and I are skyping and we got to googling ourselves… I did a pretty good job of hiding / removing my last name from everything so if you google my full name you get nothing… but HOLY CRAP LOL if you google my username, everything pops up. The images are particularly amusing because it’s like, over-exposed profile pics from myspace or pictures I posted on this blog years ago and forgot about. Hopefully no one’s really so interested to search my username. You never know who’s interested enough to look up this kind of stuff.


oblig. so-much-time-has-passed post

It’s literally been forever and I forgot this was even still around. This has been the most eventful year of my life… A lot of things have happened that I never imagined could possibly happen to me. Mostly a mix of good and bad, nothing bad truly, but good things with bad aspects, if that makes any sense. I don’t want to go into detail at all, it was enough of a ride going through it all, but let’s just say it’s been an exciting and breath-taking several months with some moments of pain, but all in all here I am in one piece and for the most part happy about where I am. Of course there is always lots let to be desired… and I think it should be that way basically until you’re about done with life. 

I wish I’d never deleted my secret survey blog lol. I’ve always had a problem with sharing too much… I can’t help it, it’s like in my nature to share my life with those I care about, but then I think I share too much, and surveys were a good outlet for that. Spoiler: maybe I’ll start a new one. 

Who am I even talking to? Idk. But happy Thanksgiving anyway.






gg life – nothing makes more sense